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The Proposal

(According to Holly)

Consider me biased, but Cole planned THE BEST proposal! When people ask if I was surprised it happened on our trip to San Diego, I say "I didn't know exactly when it was going to happen on the trip, but you know I made sure to get my nails done the day before leaving" ;)

On the day of the proposal we rented bikes on Coronado, something we did on one of our first Valentine's Days together, and rode around the island. One thing that was a total surprise was where we were heading on the bikes. Cole had planned a gondola ride for us where we got to drink champagne as we cruised through the canals (10/10 would recommend).

Giddy with excitement, we hopped back on our bikes and made our way to the beach at sunset. Cole popped down on one knee and officially became stuck with me for life because of course I said YES!

^^^Proposal pics taken by our very talented, very good friend Jasmine Garcia

After taking some more pictures and soaking in the moment, we realized our bikes were due back to the rental place asap. We were basically on the other side of the island so we needed to BOOK IT back! Nothing says welcome to Cole's family like an intense physical activity ;) It was hard to go fast on cruiser bikes, especially when you are trying to take pictures of your new bling (pictured below). After spreading the exciting news with our families, we went to our favorite date night spot in San Diego for dinner before meeting up with our friends after to celebrate. And of course, the night wouldn't have been complete without playing a few games of fingers. It was the PERFECT day!